Transparency policy

As we prioritize a relationship of trust and honesty with our users, we are open about the monetization we apply to our projects.

In order to keep our entire structure and operation functioning, and at the same time avoid the use of intrusive advertising on our websites, we mainly use affiliate programs and sponsored content.

This means that by registering and/or using any of these products or services that we recommend, we may be earning some commission or benefit from the company or advertiser.

However, this does not change the price, features or any other feature of the product or service that you have registered or purchased.

On the contrary, often our affiliate or sponsored links may contain discounts, promotions, or even exclusive benefit gains that the link or direct access does not grant to customers.

In short, you are not harmed by using our affiliate or sponsored links, and in doing so, you are indirectly supporting our work, without having to spend any extra for it.

It is worth remembering that your support helps us to further improve our sites, which returns better content to help you, and allows us to continue without advertising in our layout.

It is also important to say that recommendations with affiliate or sponsored links are not inserted merely to generate financial gains for the site, but as valid recommendations and that we actually suggest their use.

We previously evaluate all the products or services we are going to recommend, and we often deny the recommendation of options that we do not consider relevant to our audience, even if we would have gains or that are recommended by rival projects.

In other words, the fact that we are earning some commission or benefit for the recommendation of a product or service does not interfere with our opinion or indication.

Finally, we clearly distinguish between affiliate or sponsored links, using the icon , in addition to explicitly citing when content is sponsored or supported by a company or advertiser, to keep the user informed.

This all reflects our commitment to be transparent with our audience, always prioritizing the user’s success, so that it can be considered a reliable and relevant source in the areas in which we operate.

This policy is valid only for the following sites and their respective domains/URLs:

Last text update: 18/01/2020